Single-serving sachets of honey and lemon, hot & spicy oil, mountain honey and condensed milk

Ideal for Sports

The Long Distance Triathalon Magazine Eu, reported that a research team based in Memphis have been investigating the effects of honey on performance, which has been found to have a carbohydrate profile and glycaemic index response almost identical to those of a popular and not cheap sports gel.

Unique Products

Imagine offering your customers the perfect combination of honey and lemon with their infusions, or giving a spicy touch to their salads with hot and spicy olive oil. These are some of the products that will make your business special and original.

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Request your SMAARTS online and discover the new packs available. 20 units pack, 350 units pack in a display and the 1.000 or 2.000 boxes, personalized with your own logo. Click on the button and order your SMAARTS!.

SMAARTS by Funnelpack

FUNNELPACK with its registered trademark SMAARTS has developed a range of four products in single-serving sachets. These products are innovative and 100% natural, developed to the most exacting quality standards as regards the products used and the food techniques.


Our SMAARTS are packaged with our own exclusive and practical FUNNELPACK which provides the perfect serving size in perfect conditions of hygiene.


Dear client:

Our passion to create something entirely different has brought us here: Our exclusive, easy and practical single-sachets and a wide range of delicious products under the brand of SMAARTs. We create natural products with highest quality.


Our strictly controlled packaging process is what differentiates us from our competitors.


Our journey has not been easy, but thanks to the enthusiasm of our Funnelpack employees we have made it: We have created innovative and extraordinary products in a single-sachet format.


Try our products and we guarantee you that you will not regret it!


Jordi Oriol